Friday, December 23, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kombucha lemon drink

Trying another variety of this drink.

Not as good as the ginger pear combo but still good. Kombucha is an interesting beverage in general. It has a lot of the same sensations as hard cider but isn't alcoholic. (So you can drink it at work yay!)

Thank you Harvest.

I love Sundays.

163 and a south station pretzel. Sunday really is the best day of the week.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Surreal fries

Neal and I went to Boston burger co and had these super surreal fries. They taste like French toast! The secret is that they are fresh cut sweet potato fries w caramel and cinnamon. So awesome!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lunch at blue ribbon

North Carolina pulled pork sandwitch, coleslaw and cornbread from blue ribbon BBQ. Soooo good!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Amazing birthday dinner my house made for me

My housemates are amazing.

Caoimhin made me a perfectly cooked super thick steak (the kind that would go for like $70 at a steak house)

Mark made me French onion soup (super cheesy and amazing) and picked up this super delicious oak barrel aged ale.

The most amazing part? That dinner wasn't even planned (well except the steak). The real food is going to come at the party tmw night.

I couldn't ask for more amazing friends.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thai Food at Rod Dee with Mark

Soo good. Curried fruit w shrimp. Mark got the same just with tofu. They had an amazing tea.

Lunch in Chinatown

Needed to get my 163 fix:

BBQ Beef Bahn Mi from 163 and a strawberry aloe drink ( w bits of aloe floating in it!)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mystery cocktail night!

This Friday was mystery cocktail night. 

So I made:
  • Bulldog gin
  • Barenjager
  • Don's Mix
  • Rootbeer
  • a little bit of lemon.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Smokey rice

Dinner/Snack for lazy people:

Wanted something easy for dinner, and an excuse to use the new smoked salt I bought. Went really light with the seasonings so it's subtle and amazing.

Rice boiled in applewood smoked sea salt then added a bit of BBQ sauce, creole seasoning and lime juice.

I'm satisfied.

Updates for all!

Hope everyone enjoys the inundation of old food posts. Got through all the easy ones, now I just need to make some process based posts.

Look forward to:

  • Pasta and red sauce
  • Scallion pancakes
  • Bahn Mi watermelon variation
  • Lotus root stir fry
  • tofu goulash
  • Beryl's Birthday Potluck

Excited yet? 

Also-- cooking club members, I am waiting for some interesting posts from you guys, or else you will be sitting at the kiddie table next event we have. 

Speaking of next events-- the next actual meal we do is probably going to be a large one. In interviewing members for my co-op I may have found us quite a few new members (yay!). Any suggestions for themes? 

Mystery chinatown purchases: Seasame Seed Cookie

So Delicious. I love mystery shopping in C-Mart. Life goal: taste everything.
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Best growth ever

I seriously looked at this thing for like 45 min. Inspirational in weird ways.Posted by Picasa

Blogging Catch Up: Past Favorites

Smoothie: Watermelon, Kiwi, Carrot and Almond Milk

Cook Date: August 14, 2011

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Blogging catch up: Past Favorites

Garlic butter scallops pan seared.

Had a major Bergamot craving, so I tried to pull it off myself. Wasn't even close but that could have just been because of the scallops.

Cook Date: August 19th, 2011
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Blogging Catch Up: past favorites

BBQ Spareribs
These were the most amazingly fun things to eat ever. Slow cooked for 4 hours the meat was falling off the bone. Amazing.

Cook date:  August 21st, 2011

Blogging catch up: past favorites

Salmon with a spicy mustard sauce served with pan seared brussel sprouts with garlic and sea salt.

Cooked: July 11th, 2011
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Damn you Bourdain!

Sad to say that after watching the technique episode of No Reservations, my attempt to cook the perfect steak did not go as I was hoping. Technique was right but cook time was too long. I'd post pictures but I'm ashamed of it. Gonna buy another steak and try it again on weds. I'm determined to get this right. Hopefully that update will have pictures.

Soon to post: my successful (finally) variation on scallion pancakes I made last night. Doing that correctly made me feel better about not doing so well with the steak.

If at first you don't succeed try try again.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mexican Goulash

Lunch time: Mexican goulash
Ingredients: red beans, rice, onions, mild green peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, greek yogurt, lime juice.

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Inspiration: Interesting flavor pairings

Thanks to my lovely new book The Flavour Thesaurus I am inspired. Expect pictures of these pairing experiments in the near future. Feel free to comment recipes or additional pairings of your own. 

Interesting pairings I'd like to try:

Goat cheese or Greek yogurt +
  • coriander
  • pear (with either a chardonnay or manzanilla sherry wine pairing)
  • watermelon 
  • watercress
Mushroom + Blue Cheese
       > polenta with gorgonzola and blue cheese
          > mushroom, blue cheese, and leek soup

Mushroom + Egg
          > mushroom fritters

Watermelon +
  • chili (this will be some type of confection)
  • cinnamon
  • coriander leaf (possibly a salsa-- red onion, fresh green chili's etc.)
  • cucumber + feta cheese
  • oyster
  • pork
  • tomato

Old Meals I'm proud of: Easter Dinner 2011

Justin and I set out to turn Easter on it's head!

Too macabre? Or just enough?


Appetizer: Korean melon

This is the only part of the meal that didn't quite fit the theme. I only added it because I visited the Super 88 in Allston, saw the Korean melon,  was intrigued and had to try it. (compulsive shopping as per usual)

But tasty! And individually sized! (a la hand fruit) 

For those of you who haven't heard of this fruit before, it tastes basically like honeydew. 

Main Course: 
Rosemary and thyme braised rabbit 
on a bed of bitter greens and poached easter eggs

Finally a blog!

After months of promising various people that the cooking club would have a blog it's finally here!


  • An inundation of pictures of food i've made
  • Food I'd like to make
  • Food I'm not sure is possible to make
  • Experiential cuisine
  • Ideas for cooking club meetings
  • Cool repurposed cooking inspiration
  • Member discussion
  • And more! 

Hopefully the catch up posting will happen sooner than the creation of this blog O.o;;