Friday, September 16, 2011

Amazing birthday dinner my house made for me

My housemates are amazing.

Caoimhin made me a perfectly cooked super thick steak (the kind that would go for like $70 at a steak house)

Mark made me French onion soup (super cheesy and amazing) and picked up this super delicious oak barrel aged ale.

The most amazing part? That dinner wasn't even planned (well except the steak). The real food is going to come at the party tmw night.

I couldn't ask for more amazing friends.


  1. Nothing has been posted lately. I need my food porn!!

    (I have no digital camera, or I would post some of my sad offerings.)

  2. Expect to see a bunch of new posts soon-- I have a ton of stuff I need to update before the end of this month, including potentially an interview with the chef of a new restaurant that's opening by downtown crossing (!).