Monday, February 20, 2012

Dinner at Five Horses Tavern

Finally get to introduce Justin to one of my new favorite places this Sunday. I'd probably describe it as Asian Bistro Fusion? So good. I can't go there and not get the pork belly tacos. Though they seem to change every time that I go there.  Not sure why. 

Everything was just as delicious as the last time I was there, the only downsides being our waiter who really needs to work on his timing. Seemed like his first shift as a waiter poor thing, didn't even realized we were put into his section for a good 10 min....

5 Horses Tavern
400 Highland Ave. (Davis Square)
Somerville MA 02144

My Meal: The End Game
Korobuta pork belly, Shelburne Farms cheddar, kimchi, pickled cucumbers, parsley and mayonaise on brioche. 
Served with cheddar jalapeño potatoes. 
Side note: I was not able to consume that entire sandwich. It was just too rich (the brioche being covered in butter I'm not surprised). Amazingly delicious though. 

Not pictured: 
My drink: Santiva
Cazadores Blanco, St Germain, Apple Juice, Cinnamon, Lemon
Justin's Drink: Gold Rush
Justin's Dinner: Hanger Steak
Goat cheese-scallion mashed, sautéed mushrooms, roasted rainbow cauliflower
Pork Belly Tacos: 
Crisped confit pork belly, pickled red onions, dragon lady sauce, flour tortilla

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