Monday, August 20, 2012

Guest dinner by my fabulous roommate Heath

Heath cooked up an impromptu feast tonight and was nice enough to let me include it on this blog. Keep an eye out for future posts of his italian inspired cooking including a pairing I can't wait to try-- Blue cheese and brussel sprouts sautéed in butter.

Ok, so he started with a simple but delicious salad: Garbanzo beans, tomatoes, cilantro, black beans, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

Then he went on to make a minimal but delicious veggie treat:  brussel sprouts and sundried tomatoes sautéed in balsamic vinegar and sriracha. To be served with ricotta cheese on the side (sorry guys, didn't get a picture of the final dish just the in process shot.

Stay tuned for some backlog posts-- New York has been a whirlwind of new food and cooking, and I haven't yet had time to write and post about it all yet. But soon!

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